Venue - Messe Dornbirn

Messe Dornbirn The "Messequartier" Dornbirn is located at the Eastern End of Lake Constance, easily accessible by car and public transportation. There are several international airports within one hour of driving. The fairgrounds have hosted many well-know events, which were shown on national TV in Germany and Austria (e.g. Wetten, dass..?").

Indoor as well as outdoor events are staged on an area of 34,000m (inside) and 18,000m (outside), including a 2,800m ice skating area (for the Norse players). The whole area is easily accessible even at grade for the handicapped. For the World Cup we have been offered an inside area of 3000m. Free parking would be possible in the Messe-owned, secured parking garage.

The foyer of the fairgrounds will be reserved for vendors (miniatures, pitches, t-shirts, dice, etc), information booth and the bar. The main gaming area will be in Hall 13 (good thing we start on a Friday) where the game tables, the organization team and another bar will be located. A state-of-the-art audio system is available to ensure in every square meter in the rented area announcements will be audible to all players. A video screen of 4.8m x 2.7m can be seen from all areas of the gaming area to show the remaining game time. Lighting systems used for concerts and other larger events set the mood for the moment (from bright white during the game to blood red for the final minute of the game). The stage is large enough to present the winners at the end and other special occasions during the event.

Messe Dornbirn

Messe Dornbirn Messe Dornbirn
Messe Dornbirn Messe Dornbirn
Messe Dornbirn Messe Dornbirn

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