Tourney ticketEarly BirdRegular
Single Player99111
6 Coach Squad590665
7 Coach Squad660745

All prices include 13% VAT.

One ticket includes 9 games of Blood Bowl for a single coach or an entire squad. If a squad contains 7 coaches a coach is guaranteed at least 3 games of Blood Bowl. A ticket also includes 1 meal during each lunch break (3 meals in total), 1 commemorative coin, a full set of 6 dice, skill rings for all players on the roster, free entrance to the reception on Thursday and free shuttle service to Hotels in Dornbirn, Bregenz and Hard.


MerchandiseEarly BirdRegular
3D Pitch & Dug Outs8999
Miniature Team5560
Coaching Staff minis2025

All prices include 20% VAT.

Coaches, who do not have their permanent residence in the European Union can reclaim the 20% VAT at the airport/border when they leave the EU.


The Early Bird price is valid if the payment is received on or before December 31, 2018.

Single Players receive a 5% discount if they buy a full package, which includes Ticket, Pitch, Miniature Team and a set of Coaching Staff.

Squads receive a 5% discount if the entire squad buys at least 4 full packages, which include 6 or 7 Tickets, 4 Pitches, 4 Miniature Teams and 4 sets of Coaching Staff. A squad will receive a 10% discount if all of the squad members buy a full package.

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