The tournament will be played as a resurrection tournament. All injuries, including death, will be cleared after every game.

1 Rosters

All rosters for the World Cup have to be submitted by August 16th, 2019 latest. The rosters will be put online on the NAF WC IV webpage. Error corrections are permitted until August 30th, 2019. After this date no changes will be permitted. For squads, the captain will submit all rosters of his squad, individual sign-ups have to submit their rosters by themselves.

2 Division of Races (Tiers)

In order to reduce the unbalancing between the different races the World Cup will be divide the races into four tiers.

3 Team Creation

Teams at the World Cup will be built and will gain improvements (additional skills or stat upgrades) according to their placement in the tier system above. The composition of all teams and all improvements to be taken must be submitted before the tournament.

Team Building

Coaches must spend a minimum of 1,100,000 gold pieces when building their team. When building your team, you may buy:

Wizards, (in)famous coaching staff and/or Special Play Cards are explicitly not allowed at the World Cup. If both teams have hired the same star player, he/she will play for both teams.

Additional Cash

Each team receives additional funding based on their tier. Starting cash can be used for team building (as above) or used to buy skills or a mixture of both. Cash for days 2 and 3 can only be spent on skills in advance of those days.

TierStarting CashDay 2Day 3
(gold pieces)(before game 4)(before game 7)

All gold left unspent each day is lost, and does not carry over to subsequent days. If you choose to not spend all of your gold, the organizing committee thanks you for your contribution to our bar tab!

4 Squads

For better differentiation of the term “team”, the word “team” only refers to the miniature team of each coach. The group of coaches who compete as a unit in the World Cup are referred to with the word “squad”.

Each squad consists of 6-7 coaches, where it is recommended that each coach should play at least 3 games. During a game only 6 coaches will compete against another squad. All coaches within a squad must be playing a different race, i.e. a squad cannot include more than one Wood Elf team, or more than one Undead team, etc.

If a squad has 7 coaches registered, the non-playing coach is not allowed to support his mates with advice during game play. The non-playing coach may also be asked by the organizers to act as a substitute during the games when he is not scheduled to play on his original squad.

The captain has to announce his line-up for each gaming day on the evening before until 19.00 (7 p.m.).

Any drop-outs and their consequences during the tournament will be decided by the referees and/or the organizers on a case-by-case basis. The ruling will be final without a chance of appeal.

5 Pairings

The first matchups will be drawn randomly before the tournament. Each squad can decide on the order of their coaches for the first game. The squad captain has to submit the line-up latest on September 29, 2019. If no line-up is submitted it will be random.

If there is an odd number of squads, there will need to be one "Threesome" match each round, where three squads are combined together in one match. Each of the 18 coaches will be paired against an appropriate opponent from a different squad according to a set formula. This will be a random three squads in round 1, and from then on, the three lowest ranked teams. No coach will be drawn to play against a coach from the own squad. No coach will be playing against a coach more than once throughout the tournament.

Each squad will be paired with another squad based on the overall ranking according to the Swiss ladder system for games 2-9.

The ranking within a squad will be determined by their individual performance during the tournament. For squads with 7 coaches, the non-playing coach will receive no scoring points, touchdowns or casualties during the round, but will be treated the same way as the playing coaches when the ranking is determined for the next round.

The ranking of squads or coaches within a squad for the next round will be determined in the following order:

6 How to win the Tournament (Scoring & Tiebreaker)


For squad ranking the following point system will be used:

Each squad gains “Squad Points” (SP) each round

Win:2 Points
Tie:1 Points
Loss:0 Points

A squad wins a match if the sum of Coach Points (CP) is greater than the opponent. The Coach Points are not included in the Squad Points.

For determining the final standing and crowning the World Champion Squad the following order will be applied:

  1. Squad Points
  2. Opponent score
  3. Head-to-head performance to determine the World Champion
  4. Coach Points of the entire squad
  5. Net touchdowns
  6. Net casualties
  7. Public coin toss to determine the World Champion (for ranking: electronic coin toss)

Single Player

For the individual ranking the following system will be used:

Each coach will get “Coach Points” (CP) each round

Win:5 Points
Tie:2 Points
Loss:0 Points
Concession:-5 Points **)
**) A concession will be counted for touchdowns and casualties as 2:0 each for the opponent.

For determining the final standing and crowning the World Champion Coach the following order will be applied:

  1. Coach Points
  2. Opponent score
  3. Head-to-head performance to determine the World Champion
  4. Net touchdowns
  5. Net casualties
  6. Public coin toss to determine the World Champion (for ranking: electronic coin toss)

7 Teams

For team description please see offical rules (BB2016, DZ1, DZ2) and the NAF website.

8 Inducements

For inducement description please see offical rules (BB2016, DZ1, DZ2).

9 Additional Notes

Skill Marker

To have consistency throughout the entire tournament and to avoid miscommunication about the skills of each player, the organizer will provide special skill-markers in different colors to all participants. The usage of these skill-markers will be mandatory for every additional skill and they must be used according of the following color chart.

There will be three different sizes for 25mm, 32mm and 40mm miniature bases. The base size of each miniature has to be given on the official roster sheet. In case square or hexagonal bases are used, coaches have to choose the next higher diameter of the circumscribed circle. The skill markers will be magnetic and self-adhesive magnetic foils will be given out with the skill markers.


Note: It might appear that the following list is over-engineered, and people might feel uncomfortable to have almost every single skill color-coded and, in some cases, it seems pointless to follow the color code, e.g. a Minotaur with Claw-Piling On will be fairly obvious. Please keep in mind that this is a huge event, not all coaches speak English sufficiently enough and there will be a fair amount of miscommunication happening. The organizers are well aware of the stringent nature of this list, but it is believed that a well-defined color chart will help to avoid misunderstandings between coaches and we kindly ask to respect this.

Most Common Skills
Block - blueGuard - greenDodge - yellowTackle - orange
WrestleMighty BlowLeader 
Wrestle - whiteMighty Blow - redLeader - purple 
General Skills
Sure HandsKickStrip BallDirty Player
Sure Hands - anthracite/yellowKick - anthracite/greenStrip Ball - anthracite/purpleDirty Player - anthracite/red
ProFrenzyAny General Skill+1 AV
Pro - anthracite/blueFrenzy - anthracite/orangeGeneral - anthracite+1 AV - anthracite/white
Agility Skills
Diving TackleSide StepSprintSneaky Git
Diving Tackle - beige/purpleSide Step - beige/yellowSprint - beige/orangeSneaky Git - beige/red
Diving CatchLeapAny Agility Skill+1 AG
Diving Catch - beige/greenLeap - beige/blueAgility - beige+1 AG - beige/white
Strength Skills
Break TackleJuggernautPiling OnGrab
Break Tackle - light blue/yellowJuggernaut - light blue/orangePiling On - light blue/redGrab - light blue/purple
Strong ArmAny Strength Skill+1 ST 
Strong Arm - light blue/greenStrength - light blue+1 ST - light blue/white 
ClawTwo HeadsExtra ArmsHorns
Claw - magenta/redTwo Heads - magenta/yellowExtra Arms - magenta/blueHorns - magenta/green
TentaclesAny Mutation+1 MA 
Tentacles - magenta/purpleMutation - magenta+1 MA - magenta/white 
Passing Skills
AccurateHail Mary PassAny Passing Skill 
Accurate - light green/greenHail Mary Pass - light green/purplePassing - light green 

To stack skills, you combine the skills listed in the above tables. Here are some examples (not all are legal combinations at the World Cup):

Stacking Examples
Block & DodgeBlock & Dodge & Sure HandsMighty Blow & Piling OnMighty Blow & Piling On & Claw
Block & DodgeBlock & Dodge & Sure HandsMighty Blow & Piling OnMighty Blow & Piling On & Claw
Dirty Player & Sneaky GitFrenzy & TackleTwo Heads & HornsStrong Arm & Accurate
Dirty Player & Sneaky GitFrenzy & TackleTwo Heads & HornsStrong Arm & Accurate

Rights of Referees and World Cup Organization

Every game is scheduled to be played within the given time (2.5 hours). The official game time will be presented at large screen in the gaming hall. The squad captain has to instruct his coaches to stay in within this game time. Referees are allowed to put coaches on chess clocks if they are in danger of not finishing the game in time. Referees are allowed to stop game play immediately once the official game time is over.

During the event designated referees will be present to help with rule questions and tournament related questions. If a referee is requested to make a decision, this decision will be final for the remainder of the game. There might be the highly unlikely case that during a later game a different referee will make a different decision in the same game situation. This has to be accepted by all coaches.

While we expect people to behave as civilized human beings, there will be certain situations, which may lead to possible problems, such as excessive consumption of alcohol, bad dice, rules insecurities and similar reasons. In case critical situations arise, we first expect the squad captains to calm down the situation. If this can't be solved, World Cup referees can be called upon and they try to solve the problem (which might not make everybody happy). The referees have the right to expel a coach from the tournament if they are confronted with unacceptable behavior of a coach. If a coach is removed from the tournament the World Cup organizers decide if the affected squad will be given a replacement coach for the remaining games.

The World Cup organizers will have the right to escort a coach from the premises of the Messe. No refund will be given.

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