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Registration is open

As in Lucca, every squad has to bring at least 3 game boards to cover for every game. Please note, that only the NEW SIZE pitches are allowed due to the large number of new size minis we expect. We highly recommend to get one of the World Cup IV pitches, which have the correct size.

The prices for tickets, pitch and miniatures will be revealed August 4, 2018

The tournament rules and the miniature team were revealed at the Dungeonbowl 2018: The Thornpear Valleyshockers started their World Tour. Tour-Shirts are on sale now.

The miniature team will be revealed at the Dungeonbowl 2018, the pitch will be shown at the NAF Championship for the first time

The Official Logo of the World Cup 2019 is presented. It can be downloaded in the new download section (--> Goodies -> Downloads)

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Fireforge Games signed up for a booth at the World Cup

First vendors signed up for a booth at the World Cup: Hungry Troll, Gaspez Arts, and Willy Miniatures

The SBBM is now an official association and is renamed to supra-alpine Blood Bowl Championships.

At the NAF championship it was announced that Dornbirn will host the 2019 World Cup.

The bid document is submitted to the NAF.

The SBBM World Cup Organizing team is setting up a bid for the NAF World Cup IV (2019). The provisional website is going live.

Registration is open

For any questions, please contact the World Cup Organizers.

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